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Watercolour Workshop

Watercolour Workshop
Landscape Painting

with Qi Yang

The Work of Qi Yang challenges two painting conceptions of Western and Eastern arts constantly. Yang merges Zen, together with German Expressionism that emphasizes emotion in the paintings and particular about lines, colors, composition and technique.
(Alisan Fine Arts)

This workshop is an offer for the painting combined with poetic thinking for the Italian landscape – from the region Toscana to Assisi. We will at first learn to sketch direct in der nature in front of beautiful surroundings, for example, trees, forests, mountains, waters and ancient castles, churches, old houses, etc. After sketching the techniques of aquarelle and color ink will be taught, both of which can be used either separate or as mixed technique.

However for your practicing work you can instead of sketching to take photography to strengthen your remembrance of the objects in the landscape and to catch glimpses of every movement for recalling what you have seen and sensitized. Therefore you can also follow your fantasy and your “I – Being” to paint your imaginative landscape.

Aquarelle painting used with color ink can generally generate quiet timbre or strong sounds as musical performance, which become mediative or emotional naturally – somehow even beyond expectation. Accompanied with the workshop the art theory of the composition on the landscape painting will be taught.

The workshop `Landscape Painting´ makes you lucky that you will learn to paint your own Landscape and enjoy the leisured art moments by yourself.

Tenured Teacher

Qi Yang

  • 1952 Born in Wuhu, China
  • 1978 – 1982 Study at Normal University Anhui, China. Bachelor of Arts
  • 1986 – 87 Lecturer of Department of Arts, Shanghai Normal University and working College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University
    Curatorial assistant of exhibition with City University New York and Shanghai University
  • 1987 Invited as artist lecturer by Hochschule der Künste (University of Arts) in Berlin through College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University
  • 1990 -1996 Beginning of the further study for Ph.D. at Institute of Art History, University Heidelberg. Doctor of Philosophy
    Lecturer of ancient Chinese ideogram at University Heidelberg.
  • 1999 Professor of Academy of Arts, University of Anhui, China
  • 2001 Curatorial collaborator der „Großen Ausstellung“ Düsseldorf
    Juror of School Art Competition by Deutsche Telecom
  • 2002 Juror for “Shanghai International Environment Art & Sculpture Expo
  • Since 2003 Visiting Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Xi`an, China
  • 2003 – 2005 Professor of Abstract Painting at Bergisch University Wuppertal, Germany
  • 2005 – 2014 Advisor of Identity Foundation Germany
  • 2006 Artist lecture for Spiritual Summer Academy at Island Hombroich, Germany
  • 2004 – 2014 Curator of UNESCO Art Projects in Frankfurt, Weimar, Karlsruhe, etc. Germany
  • 2011 Metaphysical Form of Ink Performance by “German Zen Festival”
    Artist and curator for special project by Hunterkunst, Nederland
  • 2012 “Long-life learning” – Project of European Union, Luxembourg
    Artist and Curator of 9.Shanghai Biennale – Düsseldorf Pavilion
  • 2013 Vice- President of Adam Schall von Bell Science and Art Association
  • Since 2014 Artist for the donation with artwork for UNICEF in Germany
    Artist and Co-curator of “German Neo-Expressionism and Abstract Figuration” at China Art Museum in Shanghai
  • 2015 Juror of International Art Award “Protagonist” by Venice, Italy
    Special Professor at Art Academy of Fine Arts, East China Normal University Shanghai
    „Ceramic Art Today “international Symposium and workshop with Artists from Italy, Germany, France, England, Norway, the Netherlands, China, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Art Centre of Wanqi Ceramic Manufacture, Dehua
    Initiator of the symposium “German-Chinese Art” at Institute of Art Research Shanghai
    Nominated Price for artist of the year 2015 with the painting “The artist as hermit” by KFK Bremen
  • 2017 Nominated as Artist Researcher and Director of International Centre for Art Education at Li Keran Painting Academy in Beijing
  • 2019 Artist Residency of International art project by Tongji University Shanghai and University of Southern California
    Nominated as Artist Researcher by the National Research Center of New Creative Culture, Fudan University Shanghai
  • 2021 Nominated for the Wolfgang Hahn Award – International Contemporary Art Award with Thomas Bayle, Christian Boltanski, Tracey Emin, William Kentridge, Brigitte Kowanz, Zoe Leonard, etc. Ludwig Museum Cologn, Germany
  • 2022 Invitation to participation for “Personal Structures” – Art Biennial in Venice 2022
    Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Since 1988 International and National exhibitions at museums, galleries, art foundations and art institutes with numerous art prices, awards and stipendiums
    Participations of international Art Fairs for example, Art Basel, Art Cologne, Art Fiac Paris, Art MACO Madrid, West Bank Contemporary Shanghai, ect.

Art collections by museums, art foundations and art institutes:

British Museum, London
Linden Museum Stuttgart
City Heidelberg
Kunsthistorisches Institut der Universität Heidelberg
Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut, Heidelberg
Ethno-Expo/Ethnologische Ausstellungen, Zürich
International Art Collection SAP, Walldorf
Kunststiftung des Museums Villa Rot, Ulm
China Art Academy, Hangzhou
Fine Art Academy of Arts, University Anhui, Hefei
Art collection of Bank Cial, Zürich
Bayer AG, Leverkusen
Ministerpräsidium Tübingen
Museum Zhu Jizhan, Shanghai
Art Foundation La Roche, Basel
Bethe Stiftung, Wuppertal
Hasso Plattner Förderstiftung, Potsdam
Ludwig Museum Koblenz
Dolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
Fujian Art Museum
Wutong Art Museum, Shanghai
Spring Art Museum, Shanghai

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2001 World Culture Dialog – Qi Yang und Mark Tobey with double solo exhibitions, Villa Rot Museum, Ulm
  • 2005 – 2006 “Beyond the Heaven”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, Von der Heydt-Museum, Wuppertal,
    Double Solo exhibitions: Immendorff, & Yang, Ludwig Museum Koblenz, Germany
  • 2012 The Year of Dragon, Ludwig Gallery Oberhausen, Himalaya Art Museum Shanghai
  • 2013 „Qi Yang – Home”, Duolun Museum of Modern Art Shanghai
  • 2015 “Qi Yang / Identity – from me to myself”, ARTtium, The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations & Ministry of Security and Justice, Den Haag, The Netherland
    Presentation with Markus Leupertz, Germany, KFK Art Association Bremen
  • 2017 “The Profound Life”, Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong
  • 2019 – 2020 “Qi Yang / Here´s There” – Painting, Installation, Video, Chun Art Museum Shanghai

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2004 „Declaration“, with Jim Dine, B. Venet, Lee Ufan, G. Richter,. G.Baselitz, A. Kiefer, J. Immendorff, S.Polke, A. Penck, N. Paik, A. Rainer, P. Soulages, G. Uecker, A. Tapies,, D. Richter ,etc., National Museum of Modern Art Seoul, Korea
  • 2005/2012 “Beijing International Biennale”, Beijing
  • 2007 “China’s Revision”, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany
  • 2010-2011 special video show, Verona at Art Fair Verona and Flower /Chaos, Video Box, Milan,
  • 2012 9. Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai
  • 2014 “German Neo-Expressionism und Abstract Figuration”, with G. Richter,. G.Baselitz, M. Leupertz A. Kiefer, J. Immendorff, S.Polke, A. Penck, China Art Museum, Shanghai
    „Ceramic Art Today“international Symposium and workshop with Artists from Italy, Germany, France, England, Norway, the Netherlands, China, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Art Centre of Wanqi Ceramic Manufacture, Dehua
  • 2015 Alisan Fine Art, Basel-Hongkong Art Fair
  • 2017 “Dialogue”,Liu Haishu Art Museum Shanghai und Ludwig Museum Koblenz
  • 2022 Art Biennial in Venice – 59. La Biennale di Venezia

Reprehensive artist by UNESCO and UNICEF Germany

Since 1989 lectures given at University Heidelberg, Institute of Arts and Art Therapy Bochum, Free Art Academy Basel, University Witten, Art Faculty of Bergisch University Wuppertal; Bauhaus University Weimar, Cambridge University UK, Art Academy of Shanghai University, Centre Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, China Art Academy Hongzhou, Fudan University Shanghai, Academy of Creative Arts, Jiaotong University Shanghai, Academy of Arts Fujian Normal University, Art Academy of South-East China Normal University Shanghai and Li Keran Painting Academy Beijing, etc.  

Watercolour Workshop

with Mariette EGRETEAU

Introduction to the different watercolour techniques
Wet on wet – technique
Dry on wet – technique
Wet on dry – technique
Glaze technique
Washed-out technique
Combination of the different techniques
Use of watercolour pencils
Use of drawing pen, charcoal, red chalk etc.

Tenured Teacher


Mariette Egreteau Martelli was born in France but now lives in Arezzo, where she has been a teacher for more than thirty years. She has a scientific background and has always been interested in the link between science and art, with her curiosity fully satisfied in the spectacle offered by nature.

Light games on ordinary objects, the deformation of reality in shades and reflexes, the transparency of the sky and water are her favourite subjects. She mostly uses watercolour to express herself, for its immediacy and union between water and light. Since 1998 she has taken part in a number of collective and personal exhibitions. She is bilingual in French and Italian and fluent in English.

“Voici des fleurs, des fruits , des feuilles et des branches Et puis mon Coeur qui ne bat que pour vous….”

Verlaine (Aquarelles)

It is in the lucid and sensual poems by Baudelaire that Mariette Egreteau’s aquarelles may, partly, find a voice echoing their glaring strength. And when, in his best poems, the poète maudit gaily evokes his pagan taste for life, then can we perceive, at least in part, a unison “voice”, in terms of joy of the senses and clear French thinking – which is together intuitive and rational – in what I would define as a “joyful” harmony with Egreteau’s painting.

In Egreteau’s aquarelles everything reveals her creaturality full of wonder and meaning, with a rounded, bright intensity that conjures up the joy and soul of things…

Watercolour Workshop

Calendar 2024


  • Hotel UMBRA
  • 5/8 pax
  • JUNE 22/29 2024


  • Hotel UMBRA
  • 5/8 pax
  • SEPTEMBER 14/21 2024
  • OCTOBER 5/12 2024


  • Arrive on Saturday afternoon, room check-in from 3pm-6pm.
  • Sunday in the morning brief introduction of the course and time to visit and appreciate the location.
  • Monday-Friday, five half days of creative arts immersion and delicious food.
  • Departure on Saturday after breakfast, check-out is before noon.


  • 7 nights full board in exclusive deluxe accomodation
  • 5 half days of painting & inspiration, Monday through Friday (4 hours in the morning)
  • 6 light lunches and 7 gourmets dinners (minimum 2 courses, with water and wine), made with fresh local ingredients
  • Breakfast each morning with fresh croissants, fruits & yogurt.
  • Instruction and all materials and supplies are furnished for five half days of painting.
  • When you are not painting or you are on your own for sightseeing. You may consider renting a car, or getting together with other workshop attendees and book nearby tours to Gubbio, Perugia, Spello or other surrounding areas, the Schola Artis can help you to organize it .
Please note: All extras such alcholic drinks or other services non included in the above list is due for direct payement at the front desk before the check-out. Not Included in Tuition: Airfare, Insurances, transportation to and from Hotel UMBRA, field trips, outdoor painting, excursion fees, liquor, laundry, and meals outside the hotel.

Guests partecipating

  • Shared double room with en-suite bath
  • All-Inclusive

Guests partecipating

  • Private room with en-suite bath
  • All-Inclusive

Guests non partecipating

  • Shared double room with en-suite bath
  • 6 light lunches and 7 dinners