Schola Artis Pro Vobis

Sculpture Workshop

Sculpture Casting Workshop

  • Cast a self-portrait relief in plaster gauze
  • Consider various types of finishes
  • Observe multiplicity, rhythm & repetition in art
  • Model one or more small clay forms for mold shapes
  • Fabricate one or more reusable molds in different materials
  • Make mother-molds for the reusable molds
  • Cast mold forms in various materials
  • Display of repetitive forms

Tenured Teacher


An exploratory course in the art of casting and mold-making. Learn to cast a relief of your face, torso, feet or hands in plaster gauze with various finishes to create a memorable self-portrait. Fabricate one or more reusable molds in latex rubber, silicone, and polyurethane rubber with mother-molds. Experiment with various materials to cast your forms from the fabricated molds. Assemble cast forms into a cohesive sculpture or a repetitive compositional design. Materials will be supplied. Take home all artwork made.

This is a wonderful opportunity to create art in a beautiful setting with gorgeous views, delicious cuisine, accommodating lodging and enjoy the magical atmosphere that is truly special of the Umbria region of Italy.

Course taught in English.


  • 2022 Insight, Grossmont College
  • 2021 Campus Creatives, California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • 2020 Campus Creatives, California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • 2019 Mesa College Faculty Exhibition
  • 2019 Grossmont College Faculty Exhibition
  • 2018 Campus Creatives, California Center for the Arts, Escondido Campus Creatives, lecture & panel discussion – California Center for the Arts
  • 2016 Working: Grossmont & Cuyamaca Art Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College
  • 2015 Faculty Exhibition, Southwestern College
  • 2015 Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College
  • 2014 Faculty Exhibition, San Diego Mesa College
  • 2013 [COLLIDE] ART SD2013, Balboa Park Activity Center
  • 2012 Art Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College
    The Politics of Art in conjunction with A Hammer, A Bell and a Song to Sing: Music of Pete Seeger, San Diego Repertory Theatre Lobby at the Lyceum, Horton Plaza
  • 2011 Faculty Plus One, San Diego Mesa College
    Looking Back, Moving Forward Faculty Exhibition, Southwestern College
  • 2010 Art About War – Brokers Building Gallery, San Diego
    Faculty Exhibition 2010, San Diego Mesa College
  • 2009 Hit: Biennial Art Faculty Exhibit, Southwestern College
    Art Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College
    VII: Uncovering Sin in Everyday Life, An Open House Art Show, San Diego
  • 2008 Hyde Art Gallery Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College
    The Faculty Factor, San Diego Mesa College
  • 2007 Art Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College
  • 2006 Hyde Gallery Art Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College
    Pathologies in Nature – Art on Loan – Learning Resource Center, San Diego Mesa College


  • 2005 Art Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College
    Faculty Exhibition, San Diego Mesa College
    Artist Lecture series – San Diego Mesa College
  • 2002 Table of Content, San Diego Mesa College
  • 2000 Faustian Bargains, San Diego State University
  • 1999 Defense from a Vulnerable Position, San Diego State University
  • 1999 Sunspot Laboratory Show, California State University, Los Angeles
    Reinventing the Bra, San Diego State University
  • 1998 Water Reclamation Project, San Diego
  • 1997 Un Aprés Midi de Croquet, Site Specific Installation, San Diego
    Oklahoma City Memorial Design Competition, Oklahoma City Memorial, Oklahoma City
  • 1994 California Collegiate Ceramic Competition – First Place Award by juried selection, Riverside College
    Tiles & Tables, Rancho Santiago College, Santa Ana
    C’est La Vie, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • 1993 Open Studio, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • 1992 Open Studio, University of California, Santa Cruz
    About Art, San Diego Mesa College


  • 2000 San Diego State University – MA emphasis in sculpture
  • 1995 San Diego Mesa College – AA with honors in liberal arts
  • 1994 University of California, Santa Cruz – BA emphasis in ceramics


Teaching Experience


Introduction to Art, Media and Design, Introduction to Sculpture, Sculpture II and Installation Art. (2006-present).


Design I and Art Orientation. Past assignments in Art History – Introduction to Modern Art with a Women’s Studies emphasis, Contemporary Art since 1940, Drawing I and II. Designed, proposed and taught twice Honors Art Orientation: Art in the Public Landscape. Co-taught a second level Gallery/Exhibition class with off-campus student exhibition. Capable of instruction in Ceramics and Three-Dimensional Design. (2001-present)


Art Appreciation courses with several off-campus field trips. (2005-present)

Schola Artis Pro Vobis

Sculpture Workshop

Sculpture course

with wire and paper maché

  • Short introduction to artistic anatomy
  • Construction of anatomic skeleton
  • Sculpture modelling with paper and glue
  • Different types of final treatments

Tenured Teacher

Arnhild KART

Acrylic painting, a course that teaches techniques and just so leads to free experimental work. Even if a horizontal line divides a picture surface without a preliminary drawing, the viewer almost always immediately associates it with the horizon of a landscape. With acrylic paints we work on colour surfaces that become landscapepaintings / cityscapes. Mixing the basic colours on the palette or also directly on the canvas, or first on paper, is just as much a topic as the liberating painting technique. The instructor supports you in overcoming your own claim to reality and surrendering more and more to the painterly process and the colour. With a broad brush or palette knife, mood and geometry, as well as light and shadow are captured. Here the art of omission is called for in order to direct the view to the essential. The properties of acrylic allow for the most interesting combinations and also interplay in the mixed technique. In this course we will work with classical acrylic colours as well as with ink, charcoal, pastels or oil crayons. This offers great opportunities for experimentation and a wide range of artistic demands. This courseis aimed at everyone, from beginners to advanced artists.


  • 1974 Accademia Bonn, studio di “Vetro e Disegno”, vetrate. (Germania),
  • 1977 Università Niederrhein a Krefeld. (Germania), Studio di “Object Design”
  • 1980 Laurea – Diploma Designer
  • 1981 Docente in Ceramica presso Università Mönchengladbach Istituto d’istruzione per adulti (Germania)
    Varie mostre collettive a Krefeld, Essen e Köln nel settore ceramica
  • 1983 Soggiorno all’estero (Arabia Saudita)
  • 1984 Fondazioni dello studio a Krefeld, Disegno & Architettura & Ceramica,
  • 1991 Fondazione della società MIKK, innovazione per architettura d’interni in ceramica, pietra e vetro.
  • 1999 Trasferimento in Italia, Fratta Todina (PG).
    Fondazione della società MIKK s.n.c.
    Innovazione in pietra e vetro per architettura d’interni, progettazione e realizzazione
  • 2009 Realizzazione di mostre personale e collettive in Italia e in Germania.
  • 2020 Lettera d’invito per il progetto Sculpt Tale, dal Nongyuan International Art Village, Chengdu Cina

Mostre personali

  • 2020 Perugia, Jazz Hotel Gió, “DNA ottimizzazione dell’uomo”, a cura di Rita Castigli
  • 2017 Campello sul Clitunno, MAD Umbria Museum Arte Design, “De-Construction”, a cura di Andrea Baffoni e Rita Castigli
  • 2015 Perugia, Spazio 121 “Points of View / Inside, Outside”, a cura di Antonella Pesola
    Perugia, Convivio con l’arte, Residence Domus Volumnia, a cura di Andrea Baffoni
    Perugia, Città del futuro “Linguaggi visivi” Bi personale con Ferruccio Ramadori a cura di Guido Buffoni
  • 2012 Marsciano, “Il codice 666” bi-personale con Anna Bracaglia, a cura di Pino Bonanno
  • 2011 Assisi, Perla Arredamenti “Città”
    Torgiano, “Pro Arte”
    Düsseldorf, Germania, Tennis club Lank, “Match ball”
    Hamburg, Germania, Hamburger Senat, “Unsere Kathedralen” 2010
    Hamburg, Germania, Galleria 3×23, “Points of View”
    Perugia, NISSAN
    Hamburg, Germania, Galleria Hosenstall, “Fassaden”

Mostre Collettive

  • 2020 Sant’Anna del Furlo, “Cammino dell’Arte – Land Art al Furlo” mosaico (Le onde del tempo) a cura di Andrea Baffoni
  • 2019 Terni, Palazzo di primavera, “incontri e appropriazioni” a cura di Giuseppe
    Roma, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma “Macro”
    Pesaro – Urbino, Castello di Sassocorvaro
    Fossombrone – PU, Sant’Anna del Furlo, “X edizione “Land Art al Furlo”, “UNODIECICENTO” a cura di Andrea Baffoni
    Sassoferrato, Palazzo ex Pretura, “Incontri e Appropriazioni”, a cura di Giuseppe Salerno
  • 2018 Perugia, Fuseum Centro Arte e Cultura “Brana, Mondi Paralleli”, a cura di Andrea Baffoni e Gabriela Juganariu
    Spello, Spazio Museale Comune di Spello, “International Artists Working Together” a cura di Pippo Cosenza
    Spoleto, “La SPOLETONORCIA in Arte” a cura di Maria Emilia Ciannavei
    Assisi, Third International Contemporary Art Exhibition ” Gravity “a cura Pro Vobis, presentazione Rita Castigli
  • 2017 San Giustino, Villa Graziani “Dissolvenze Incrociati”, a cura di Giuseppe Salerno, testi di Andrea Baffoni, Guido Buffoni
    Spello, Spazio Museale Comune di Spello “Punti di Vista” A cura di Bruno Mohorovich
    Spoleto, Gasperini Arte, “Emozione”
    Fabriano, “Dissolvenze Incrociati”, a cura di Giuseppe Salerno, testo di Andrea Baffoni
    Terni, Palazzo Primavera, “Dissolvenze Incrociati”, a cura di Giuseppe Salerno, testo di Andrea Baffoni
    Assisi, International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2017 a cura di Pro Vobis, presentazione di Claudia Bottini,
    Palazzo Franchi
  • 2016 Vico del Gargano “Premio S. Valentino”
    Monfalcone, Hotel Europalace “Veleni” a cura dell’Accademia Dialetti Visivi
    Montone, Comune di Montone Armonie d’Autunno
    Roccascalegna, Simposio “Eccellenze ed Arte sotto le stelle” a cura di Rotary club, presentazione di Andrea Baffoni 2015
  • 2015 Assisi, Prima Rassegna Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea a cura di Pro Vobis, presentazione di Claudia Bottini
    Magione, Azienda Agraria Pucciarelli, Mostra di Arte Visiva a cura dell’ASS Convivium Corciano
    Spello, Sala della Volta, “Sensualità di Gatto”
    Bevagna, ARBEZ art Gallery
    Tuscania, “Mia Terra” “Veleni” Ex chiesa Santa Croce
    Campello sul Clitunno, MAD Umbria Museum, Museo Art Design
    Perugia, Villa Poggiolo, “La polvere e le stelle”
    Spoleto, Caffè Letterario
    Magione, Pucciarelli, Festa di S. Anna
    Spello, Agriturismo Benedetti “Dialoghi”, Symposium a cura di Guido Buffoni
  • 2014 Lago Trasimeno, San Savino “Mia Terra, Veleni”
    Perugia, Residenza Poggiolo “Convergenze”, Symposium
    Caserta, Agriturismo Turrita “Incontri” arte contemporanea, Symposium
    Montefalco, Rocca in arte
    Spello, Agriturismo Benedetti “Dialoghi”, Symposium
    Perugia, Residenza Poggiolo, “Materia e Sapere, in gioco l’arte del gioco”
    Assisi, Immobiliareassisi, via Borgo Aretino
    Düsseldorf, Germania “Kunstmüllerei”
    Gualdo Cataneo, mostra collettiva
    Perugia, CERP, Centro Espositivo Rocca Paolina, Mostra con il gruppo Spazio 121, “Segni d’arte”
    Düsseldorf, Germania, Ministero dell’Ambiente
    Calcata, “Materia e Sapere&, in gioco l’arte del gioco”
    Recklinghausen, Germania “Kulturkaufhaus”
    Campello sul Clitunno, “Materia e Sapere, in gioco l’arte del gioco”
  • 2013 Perugia, Spazio 121 “Chiamale se vuoi…”
    Macerino, “Confini”, Symposium
    Spello, Agriturismo Benedetti, Symposium
    Terni, Palazzo Prima Vera
    Perugia, “Arte per Altro”
    Montefalco, Rocca in arte
  • 2012 Bettona, “BettonArte” 2º Biennale Internazionale d’arte Contemporanea, Museo di Bettona,
    Pascelupo, “Vivere Emozioni”, Symposium
  • 2011 Perugia, “Arte per Altro”
  • 2010 Hamburg, Germania, Galleria Hosenstall, Jahresausstellung
  • 2009 Fratta Todina (PG), ” Mostra nel giardino “
    Città di Castello, “Solitudine”

Sculpture Workshop

Calendar 2022

SCULPTURE with wire and paper maché

  • Giomici Castle *
  • Agriturismo La Malvarina **
  • Agriturismo Le Mandrie ***
  • min 5 max 8 pax
  • SEPTEMBER 10/16 2022 **
  • OCTOBER 8/14 2022 **
  • MAY 22/26 2023 *
  • JULY 10/14 2023 **
  • SEPTEMBER 11/15 2023 ***
  • OCTOBER 9/13 2023 **

Sculpture Casting Workshop

  • Le Querce
  • min 5 max 10 pax
  • JUNE 24/30 2023
  • JULY 1/7 2023
  • JULY 8/14 2023
  • JULY 15/21 2023
  • JULY 22/29 2023


  • Arrive on Saturday afternoon, room check-in from 3pm-6pm.
  • Sunday in the morning brief introduction of the course and time to visit and appreciate the location.
  • Monday-Friday, five half days of creative arts immersion and delicious food.
  • With interlude of 3 guided visits to the most significante cities
  • Departure on Saturday after breakfast, check-out is before noon.


  • 7 nights full exclusive deluxe accommodation in Castel 1000 years old
  • 5 half days of painting & inspiration, Monday through Friday (4 hours in the morning)
  • 6 light lunches and 7 gourmets dinners (minimum 3 courses, with water and wine), made with fresh local ingredients
  • Breakfast each morning with fresh croissants, fruits & yogurt.
  • Instruction and all materials and supplies are furnished for five half days of painting.
  • When you are not painting, you can enjoy the swimming pool, set up some horse-back riding nearby, or you are on your own for sightseeing. You may consider renting a car, or getting together with other workshop attendees and book nearby tours to Gubbio, Perugia, Spello or other surrounding areas , the Schola Artis can help you to organize it .

Please note: All extras such alcholic drinks or other services non included in the above list is due for direct payement at the front desk before the check-out.

Not Included in Tuition: Airfare, Insurances, transportation to and from Giomici, field trips, outdoor painting, excursion fees, liquor, laundry, and meals outside the hotel.

Guests partecipating

2350 / 2500
  • Shared double room with en-suite bath
  • All-Inclusive

Guests partecipating

2650 / 2800
  • Private room with en-suite bath
  • All-Inclusive

Guests non partecipating

  • Private room
  • 6 light lunches and 7 dinners