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Mosaic workshop

Creative mosaic workshop


The main goal of the Creative mosaic workshop is to stimulate and improve both your creativity and manual skills through the creation of a unique and customized work of art. This course will teach you the main techniques to design and realize contemporary mosaic works and, even more important, aims to give you a new awareness of mosaic making. You will work with many different materials (like the famous Etna’s lava stone, terracotta, resin) and learn how to make the most out of them. You will also study and use various processes, like the application of the gold leaf, and experiment with more advanced things (3D works, land art, jewelry). The Creative mosaic workshop is especially designed for those artists who want to deepen their knowledge of contemporary mosaic and find new ways of expressing themselves. It offers you the opportunity to embark on a personal journey to discover your artistic identity.


  • Intro: brief history of mosaic – main mosaic techniques – focus on the direct method
  • Materials: learn how to use various materials, adhesives and alternative supports. In this course you will use: glass, lava stone, terracotta, resin, concrete, natural stones and recycled materials
  • Tools: knowledge and usage of the key tools (hardie, hammer, glass cutter and pliers)
  • Processes: theoretical and practical study of 1) Ceramization of the lava stone2) Application of the gold leaf 3) Usage of resin
  • Advanced: how to design and realize more complex things like 3D works, land art, jewelry and luminous works
  • End of course: creation of a unique and fully customized mosaic work of art, for each student
  • This course is designed for beginners, intermediates and experts
  • The participants will be given all the tools and materials required for the course
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of the course
  • Languages: English – French – Italian
  • Duration: 5 lessons in 5 days – 4 h. per lesson
  • Mix of theoretical and practical learning

Tenured Teacher

Michele PICONE

Michele Picone was born in 1967 in Catania, the city where he currently lives and works.

As a self-tought, he decided to undertake his studies in the arts, doing research and deepening his knowledge of both classic and contemporary mosaic tradition. He choses mosaic as his privileged expressive form. In the 90’s he started his first art studio in the artistic craftmanship field.

Starting from the mosaic tradition, Michele opens up to new possibilities. Thanks to a constant and continuous experimentation over the years, he has always tried to strenghten the communicative power of his creations. The search for new materials and the acquisition of innovative techniques allowed an absolute freedom in design, making Michele’s works uniques and immediately identifiable.

Murano glass, resins, gold, marble, wood, terracotta and mostly the black Etna’s lava stone: these are just some of the various elements which characterize his creations.

All of his works are as rich and versatile as the journey taken by Michele throughout the years: from design objects to home accessories, from jewelry to interior design.

Michele constantly hosts contemporary mosaic courses in his studio. He has always collaborated with the local institutions in order to promote the artistic craftmanship, organizing exhibitions and creative workshops. He has also taken part in countless national and international exhibitions.

In 2016 he participated in the VII edition of the international competition Pictor Imaginarius, in Nazzano (in the province of Rome), and claimed third place with his work “Us & them – finestra sulle diversità (s)oggettive”.

Since 2016, his work “Atolli” has joined the project Primedicopertina (curated by the cultural organization Operae Milò), a continuous ongoing collection of artworks since 1990, which over time has become a travelling exhibition.

Two of his works – ”Contatto” and “In un vortice…” – were selected for the V and the VI Biennale di Mosaico Contemporaneo, in Ravenna, in 2017 and 2019.

In 2018 he took part in the VII edition of Musiwa, in Florence.

The Park Museum of Casa degli Artisti in Sant’Anna del Furlo (Fossombrone) – in the Marches – hosts 5 of his creations: “Limes” (2017), “Hypo” (2018), “Tabula Rasa” (2019), “Stati di separazione” (2020) and “Fingersi d’acqua” (2021).

Michele is currently vice president of the Cultural Artistic Association Delfare, taking care of the management of different cultural events and manifestations that promote and enhance the Sicilian artistic craftsmanship.

In-person short course

Workshop of roman mosaic
or byzantine, or modern

Workshop duration: 20 hours / 5 days

Lesson type: teacher-led – one-to-one (each student follows an individual, personalised course as though it were a one-to-one course)

Participants: Min. 5 – Max. 10 studenti

Personal, end-of-course certificate of attendance


  • history of mosaic
  • exercises and various laying methods
  • study of execution techniques
  • pattern choice and creation
  • execution of a piece of work

Equipment available for the students hardie, hammer, pliers, tile nippers and all the tools required to learn and practise the art of mosaic.

Materials available for the students: marble, enamel, glass, terracotta.

We suggest to wear comfortable clothing for the course.

We guarantee compliance with the safety measures and regulations required by the italian government for in person courses.

Tenured Teacher


The first In Tessere workshop specialising in producing traditional copies, created according to the strict rules of this ancient art, was held in Ravenna at least 15 years ago.

It offered a wealth of basic skills to reveal the potential of an age-old technique with numerous, new facets ranging from traditional to innovative.

In Tessere has acquired skills over time and worked closely with artists and public and private customers. Now, each piece it produces exploits the unique qualities of the materials, reflects the customer’s taste and respects the surrounding environment.

At the current headquarters in Narni, all the steps in the process are carried out exclusively by hand, from cutting the tesserae, to project design and modern application methods: nowadays, new glues and bases ensure mosaic art is suitable for all types of decor to create modern works ranging from interior to urban design.

Born in Rome in 1975, she studied art and was awarded the diploma of Master Mosaicist. After an apprenticeship and internships with artistic businesses in Ravenna, she began her own business in 2000, creating artistic mosaics to order. By working with artists and professionals, she learned to create works of contemporary art and design.

In 2002, she moved to Narni in Umbria: her total dedication to this genre of art led the artist to become a lecturer in mosaic art for private and official organisations in this charming mediaeval village.
The artistic technique she uses to create mosaics is based closely on tradition to guarantee top quality production. The texture of the tesserae in the mosaics she designs enables her to express herself in plastic form. Her works have been exhibited in various regional and national exhibitions and are beginning to reap recognition and awards.

In 2016, she created the association “In Tessere” and, as President, her objective was to enhance local artistic handcraft. The success of the events and exhibitions she has curated has led her to work closely with a group of artistic professionals to create a new association ArteM.

Her art studio has since become a multi-purpose centre of local art in the Italian artistic tradition.

Mosaic workshop

Calendar 2024


TUTOR Michele Picone
  • Sant’Angelo in Panzo
  • min 5 max 10 pax
  • APRIL 6/13 2024
  • MAY 4/11 2024
  • JUNE 8/15 2024
  • JULY 6/13 2024
  • SEPTEMBER 14/21 2024
  • OCTOBER 26 / NOVEMBER 2 2024


  • Arrive on Saturday afternoon, room check-in from 3pm-6pm.
  • Sunday in the morning brief introduction of the course and time to visit and appreciate the location.
  • Monday-Friday, five half days of creative arts immersion and delicious food.
  • Departure on Saturday after breakfast, check-out is before noon.


  • 7 nights full board in exclusive deluxe accomodation
  • 5 half days of painting & inspiration, Monday through Friday (4 hours in the morning)
  • 6 light lunches and 7 gourmets dinners (minimum 2 courses, with water and wine), made with fresh local ingredients
  • Breakfast each morning with fresh croissants, fruits & yogurt.
  • Instruction and all materials and supplies are furnished for five half days of painting.
  • When you are not painting, you can enjoy the swimming pool, set up some horse-back riding nearby, or you are on your own for sightseeing. You may consider renting a car, or getting together with other workshop attendees and book nearby tours to Gubbio, Perugia, Spello or other surrounding areas , the Schola Artis can help you to organize it .
Please note: All extras such alcholic drinks or other services non included in the above list is due for direct payement at the front desk before the check-out. Not Included in Tuition: Airfare, Insurances, transportation to and from Sant’Angelo in Panzo, field trips, outdoor painting, excursion fees, liquor, laundry, and meals outside the hotel.

Guests partecipating

  • Shared double room with en-suite bath
  • All-Inclusive

Guests partecipating

  • Private room with en-suite bath
  • All-Inclusive

Guests non partecipating

  • Shared double room with en-suite bath
  • 6 light lunches and 7 dinners