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Schola Artis Pro Vobis


The Schola Artis Pro Vobis ( “Art School for you” from latin ) was born from an idea of Rino Della Bina, former Director of multinational companies now retired. Art lover and friend of numerous Artists from all over the world.

The Schola Artis Pro Vobis, the only place in UMBRIA, the green heart of Italy, to offer courses in sculpting the pink stone of Assisi and Carrara marble, but also in the ancient techniques of FRESCO painting, artististic STAINED GLASS, Roman byzantine and modern MOSAIC Painting, Watercolour and wire and paper maché SCULPTURE.

We can now proudly say that this became a reality that brought together some of the most talented and qualified Umbrian Artists with multinational Artists living in Umbria, setting-up an extremely motivated, cohesive group, which shares common objectives of awardness and cultural exchanges with the rest of Artistic world.
Attending our couses will give significant plus to the Artists CV and a rare title of competence.

The aim of the Association is to make ASSISI, Unesco world heritage, an hotbed where Artists from all over the world would find a place where to meet and share their thoughts, ideas and mutual experiences and to promote within Art Lovers, Professional Artists, Academics and Students, techniques in what we consider the very typical and traditionals best italian art expressions.

Schola Artis Pro Vobis


Enjoy your art retreat with us in memorable ASSISI

Our workshops are held Umbria, the green heart of Italy, astonisching place with origins going back to etruscans, romans, florishing middle age and part of renaissance crodle. Today a beautifull area to enjoy, with the magnificent nature and spirituality and an extraordinary heritage of art and culture.

The ideal place to rest and get inspiration to create.

The courses of marble sculpturestained glasses and fresco are held in the Artists ateliers creating a unique and fascinating atmosphere, as some of them are centuries old and remind us of the renaissance schools.  While  paintingwatercolormosaic, Italian language, pastel, and other sculpture techniques in the best venues the area can offer.



Landscape Painting

This workshop is an offer for the painting combined with poetic thinking for the Italian landscape – from the region Toscana to Assisi. We will at first learn to sketch direct in der nature in front of beautiful surroundings, for example, trees, forests, mountains, waters and ancient castles, churches, old houses, etc. After sketching the techniques of aquarelle and color ink will be taught, both of which can be used either separate or as mixed technique.


​​Trisha Lambi

Figure Painting in Oils

Embark on a captivating artistic journey in this hands-on five-day workshop where you’ll learn to create a stunning figure painting from the initial concept to the final brushstroke.

Through comprehensive instruction, personalized guidance, and collaborative discussions, you’ll experience the exhilarating process of bringing a figure painting to life using the expressive medium of oil.




This pastel workshop is designed for the beginning and intermediate pastelist and will cover materials, basic design, color, and application.

Some materials will be supplied. We will be painting from life and photographs taken on-site or in the surrounding areas of Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy.

There will be a demonstration at the beginning of each class, followed by individual easel time.

This is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of pastel painting as well as providing a challenge to those who already have a basic understanding of pastel technique. Expect plenty of encouragement and actionable advice.

This is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of pastel painting as well as providing a challenge to those who already have a basic understanding of pastel technique. Assisi is the ideal place and offers the exact conditions necessary to create.


Michele PICONE


The main goal of the Creative mosaic workshop is to stimulate and improve both your creativity and manual skills through the creation of a unique and customized work of art. This course will teach you the main techniques to design and realize contemporary mosaic works and, even more important, aims to give you a new awareness of mosaic making. You will work with many different materials (like the famous Etna’s lava stone, terracotta, resin) and learn how to make the most out of them. You will also study and use various processes, like the application of the gold leaf, and experiment with more advanced things (3D works, land art, jewelry). The Creative mosaic workshop is especially designed for those artists who want to deepen their knowledge of contemporary mosaic and find new ways of expressing themselves. It offers you the opportunity to embark on a personal journey to discover your artistic identity.




Elvio Marchionni was born in Spello in January 1944.

His studies at the Art Academy and experience with restoration masters have led his art to express great awareness of the past as the essence and an extension of the future. His study of ancient masters is clear right from his early exhibitions in the ‘70s, where he experiments with matter worn out by time and weather.

Marchionni manages to pull out a figure from rough plaster. Symmetry and the balance between masses, shapes, lines, and colours are his idea of beauty.




Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy.

Draw inspiration from the magnificent countryside, the fragrant flora, the beautiful food and drink or the charm of the Agriturismo La Malvarina using soft pastel.

Learn the basics or improve your pastel painting skills in the morning and in the afternoon, explore this gorgeous region steeped in history, art and culture.

Each morning will begin with a demonstration of tips and techniques for pastel application as well as instruction about various surfaces and types of pastels. After the demo, each student will receive individual instruction at the easel. Students will take their art pieces home in clear bags suitable for travel.

Are you ready to express your vision of Italy?



Acrylic painting

The Figure in Action:
How to loosely and accurately create paintings of people in their environment.

Using simple methods, this enriching painting workshop will interrupt the tendency to overthink and will allow artists to break free of their inner critic. We will explore the stunning Assisi landscape in search of people in action and practice gestural sketches while enjoying the scenery. We will also collect photos on our outdoor excursions to use in the studio for subject matter during drawing and painting lessons.




The first In Tessere workshop specialising in producing traditional copies, created according to the strict rules of this ancient art, was held in Ravenna at least 15 years ago. It offered a wealth of basic skills to reveal the potential of an age-old technique with numerous, new facets ranging from traditional to innovative.

In Tessere has acquired skills over time and worked closely with artists and public and private customers. Now, each piece it produces exploits the unique qualities of the materials, reflects the customer’s taste and respects the surrounding environment.




Voici des fleurs, des fruits , des feuilles et des branches Et puis mon Coeur qui ne bat que pour vous.
Verlaine (Aquarelles)

It is in the lucid and sensual poems by Baudelaire that Mariette Egreteau’s aquarelles may, partly, find a voice echoing their glaring strength. And when, in his best poems, the poète maudit gaily evokes his pagan taste for life, then can we perceive, at least in part, a unison “voice”, in terms of joy of the senses and clear French thinking – which is together intuitive and rational – in what I would define as a “joyful” harmony with Egreteau’s painting.

In Egreteau’s aquarelles everything reveals her creaturality full of wonder and meaning, with a rounded, bright intensity that conjures up the joy and soul of things…


Maddalena FIORENZA

Stained glass

The unbroken productivity that from the middle of the nineteenth century has continued until the present day is proof of the sensitivity, intuition and ability inherited and enriched by a feminine presence which, with great respect, has preserved the practices and devotion of a bygone era.”
(A. Girolamini, La carta, il fuoco, il vetro, 2001).

The Moretti Caselli Studio was officially founded in 1858 when Francesco Moretti began research into early glass-painting techniques for a commission by the Todi Cathedral. In 1862 a fullyequipped workshop was set up in the former convent of San Domenico in Perugia.

In 1875 the workshop was transferred to the former convent of San Francesco al Prato and then in 1895 was relocated to premises in Via Fatebenefratelli which Moretti had acquired from the Free University of Perugia the previous year, where it remains to this day.

The protagonists: five generations of Master Glasspainters


Irene Maturi


Introducing history of art in Umbria – journey among the wonder.

Day 1 Assisi – before and after Giotto: Cimabue and Pietro Cavallini. Investigation around art changings through the XIII century.

Day 2 Spoleto – Alberto Sotio: unique XII century school of art in remote Umbria, how byzantine influences have produced masterpieces.

 Day 1 and day 2 from 9 to 12.00 will have a presentation class of the artists and the the historical context of medieval Italy.

Day 3 Montefalco – Benozzo Gozzoli: a piece of Florence in Umbria. Spello – Pinturicchio: artist of the most reach XVth century courts of Italian Renaissance.

Day 4 Orvieto – From ‘300 to ‘500: three centuries in a single masterpiece, the Duomo of Orvieto and the ‘Fabrica’.

Day 5 Perugia – briefing up: Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, eight centuries of History of Art in Umbria in one place.




The Italian language course is divided into two parts: standard Italian and Italian for Arts.

The second part is preparatory to the Art workshops. We will start from a lexical dimension: colors, shapes, physical description, landscape, naming the objects. Our goal will be then to formulate more complex descriptions. The program includes original and exclusive materials created on purpose.

Artelingua Language School is the culmination of experienced certified Italian language teachers

This course also includes the painting or watercolor workshop with Arnhild Kart