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Situated in Chengdu, Sichuan, NY20+ is an art promotion organization supported by Nongyuan Culture, in committed to international art and culture exchanges and overseas projects. Nongyuan Culture has three themed art Zones covering about 141,000 square meters in total.


Artist Residency Program

Based on Zone A and Zone B, NY20+ conducts international Artist Residency Program, exhibition planning, school-enterprise cooperation, non-for-profit art platform and other programs, and aims at strengthening interaction and cooperation among art institutions and colleges, artists, designers, art teachers and students, as well as art lovers from different countries and regions, so as to promote the dissemination, collision and development of various cultures, and realize the virtuous circle of an international art and culture ecology.


The Mission

Artist Residency Program, launched in 2008, is characterized by Chengdu and Bashu Culture for resident artists to do art research, experiment, creation, communication and display, as well as committed to make a diverse, interactive, creative and continual international artist in residence program.

Based on Nongyuan’s large-scale Art & Nature Ecology and over 200 Chengdu-based artists, it initiates the Rubik’s Cube Project, Migrant Birds Project, etc. to create an international art tribe where diverse arts and cultures flourish.

Since its foundation, NY20+ conducted series of activities like international exhibitions, academic seminars, workshops, salons, etc. in more than 40 countries and regions; and strives to be the window into multilateral art and culture display, exchanges and promotion.

NY20+ collaborated with art institutions around the world so as to offer Residence artists chances of going global.

The mission of NY20+ international residency program is to bring together artists of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds to discuss about what they’ve learnt, felt, thought and been inspired, make art research and experiment, innovate and create, and broaden horizons.