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Acrylic painting, a course that teaches techniques and just so leads to free experimental work. Even if a horizontal line divides a picture surface without a preliminary drawing, the viewer almost always immediately associates it with the horizon of a landscape. With acrylic paints we work on colour surfaces that become landscapepaintings / cityscapes. Mixing the basic colours on the palette or also directly on the canvas, or first on paper, is just as much a topic as the liberating painting technique. The instructor supports you in overcoming your own claim to reality and surrendering more and more to the painterly process and the colour. With a broad brush or palette knife, mood and geometry, as well as light and shadow are captured. Here the art of omission is called for in order to direct the view to the essential. The properties of acrylic allow for the most interesting combinations and also interplay in the mixed technique. In this course we will work with classical acrylic colours as well as with ink, charcoal, pastels or oil crayons. This offers great opportunities for experimentation and a wide range of artistic demands. This courseis aimed at everyone, from beginners to advanced artists.

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