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Another of Assisi’s riches is its noblewomen’s "magic” hands.

In keeping with the purest traditions of Umbria’s industrious and courteous women, the “Punto Assisi” (Assisi Stitch) is deeply rooted in the Franciscan Town’s history.
The Poor Clares used to stitch embroidery and lace as early as in the 13th century. Moreover, the legend of the life of Saint Clare, allegedly by Thomas of Celano, tells that although the Saint suffered from a severe infirmity that forced her to lie, she asked to be raised and, sustained by supports at her back, she would sit and spin the finest fabrics.

The name “Punto Assisi” was coined in the 1800s and has since constantly flourished. This embroidery technique combines cross and back stitch, which are both worked on an open weave fabric, called canvas, in order to count the threads on which to embroider…..

Danielle and Guerrino are pleased to offer their guests the possibility of learning this beautiful artistic tradition, also with the help of the Accademia Punto Assisi.


Anna Vigo

Anna Vigo started to do needlework as early as the 1950’s under the guidance of expert teachers of traditional embroidery. She continued to experiment with a variety of needlework techniques by taking highly specialized courses in embroidery. She focused her attention on developing techniques related to the “short and long stitch” (punto raso), more commonly known as “painterly stitch” (punto pittura). Lately, she has been using this technique in combination with traditional needlework stitches in order to create a hyper-realistic effect or representation of the typical Mediterranean flora.

Anna Vigo is actively engaged in research aimed at developing new forms, as well as novel compositions and colours. Her works have been displayed in some of the most important exhibitions in Europe and have been published in well-known specialized journals in the field.


The course consists of a total of nine hours of teaching, which are spread out over a period of three days.
A kit with all the required material will be provided: linen fabric with design, embroidery threads, needles, scissors, thimble, and a colour photocopy of the floral design to be reproduced.
The course will teach the technique of filling in spaces through the “painterly stitch” (punto pittura) and will explain basic approaches to it.
The course will also teach how to choose different colours in order to achieve the effect a realistic picture.

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