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Watercolour course 2020

Watercolour course 2020
  • Introduction to the different watercolour techniques
  • Wet on wet – technique
  • Dry on wet – technique
  • Wet on dry – technique
  • Glaze technique
  • Washed-out technique
  • Combination of the different techniques
  • Use of watercolour pencils
  • Use of drawing pen, charcoal, red chalk etc.

Egreteau Martelli Mariette

Mariette Egreteau Martelli was born in France but now lives in Arezzo, where she has been a teacher for more than thirty years. She has a scientific background and has always been interested in the link between science and art, with her curiosity fully satisfied in the spectacle offered by nature.
Light games on ordinary objects, the deformation of reality in shades and reflexes, the transparency of the sky and water are her favourite subjects. She mostly uses watercolour to express herself, for its immediacy and union between water and light.
Since 1998 she has taken part in a number of collective and personal exhibitions.
She is bilingual in French and Italian and fluent in English.

“Voici des fleurs, des fruits, des feuilles et des branches Et puis mon Coeur qui ne bat que pour vous…” Verlaine (Aquarelles)

It is in the lucid and sensual poems by Baudelaire that Mariette Egreteau’s aquarelles may, partly, find a voice echoing their glaring strength. And when, in his best poems, the poète maudit gaily evokes his pagan taste for life, then can we perceive, at least in part, a unison “voice”, in terms of joy of the senses and clear French thinking – which is together intuitive and rational – in what I would define as a “joyful” harmony with Egreteau’s painting.

In Egreteau’s aquarelles everything reveals her creaturality full of wonder and meaning, with a rounded, bright intensity that conjures up the joy and soul of things…. Marisa Marmaioli

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18/24 May 2020

15/21 June 2020

20/26 September 2020

11/17 October 2020


Minimum 6 participants