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Sculpture course with wire and paper mach

Sculpture course with wire and paper mach
  • Short introduction to artistic aanatomy
  • Construction of anatomic skeleton
  • Sculpture modelling with paper and glue
  • Different types of final treatments

Kart Arnhild

Her activity is constantly based on the clear awareness that only the competent and determined action of an artist can initiate a transition from “chaos”, which is innate in raw and inanimate materials, to a “thing” full of vitality that, by transforming pure virtuality into concrete being, inevitably leads to the manifestation of shape in the same way that originates from light…. Guido Buffoni, Perugia 2015

Minimum 6 participants

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DATES in calendar

6-13 October 2019

4-10 May 2020

1-7 June 2020

5-12 July 2020

2-9 August 2020

6-13 September 2020

4-11 October 2020


Minimum 6 participants