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I Course of whole-vegan lifestyle & cuisine 3 days

I Course of whole-vegan lifestyle & cuisine 3 days

This is a theoretical and practical course to master the art and flavor of wellbeing with the tasty and  revitalizing Whole–Vegan cuisine.

Jenny Sugar, Health and Food Coach, aims to bring wellbeing and quality of life with healing foods: plant based, always whole, non refined and minimally processed. Not only which foods to eat, but also how to prepare them: cooked or simply raw, always with taste and joy. Be healthy, be fit, be happy. How? This is what it’s all about.

Our courses, lasting 3 days, leave free time in the afternoons to discover Assisi and surroundings or just enjoy the beautiful location and the pool.

We offer a special early bird discount: 10% off for those registering at least 30 days ahead.

The course consists of minimum 5, maximum 10 participants.

In house half board stay including breakfast and lunch also featuring the dishes prepared during the morning class.

There is free wifi in all areas of the resort.

The classes can be conducted in : Italian , English , French , Spanish and German. .

Jenny teach at JOIA Academy and at Arte del convivio in Milan , also at Biella da Alchechengi and now….
here at Veg Pro Vobis in Assisi assisted by our Chef Raffaele.

Rates and conditions for NON residents :
In double room € 550,00
In double room single use € 600,00

Prices are intended for two HB treatments , 9 modules course (complete) , handouts + one lunch or dinner.

Rates for locals :
Complete course € 470,00
Complete course of 9 modules , handouts , 3 meals .

Rates one day € 150,00
3 modules course , handouts , meal .

Special discount of 10% for early bird of 30 days .

For reservations and detailed program information (see below ) please contact:
Rino, , phone 075 813738, mobile 3355855894.

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First day

Module 1 – Basic concepts

  • Introduction and ingredients
  • Most commonly used techniques (with and without cooking)
  • Healthy ingredients and substitutes for those previously used (sugar, eggs, milk and dairy, oil, mayonnaise)
  • Learning the basic techniques to build these ingredients.

Module 2 – Raw food, lets apply it as much as possible … the right fit for each person

  • Raw food, dehydration, sprouting, fermentation
  • Smoothies, why and when. Basic recipe and variations
  • Fruit extracts, why and when. Best proportions and recipes
  • Salads, general principles, basic concepts, allies and recipes (broccoli, carrots, eggless-egg-salad)
  • Raw hors-d’œuvre rolls
  • Zucchini spaghetti and variations.

Second day

Module 3 – Hors d’oeuvres and first courses

  • Hummus and Babaganoush
  • Non-pasta vegetable lasagna in two versions: raw and cooked
  • Cauliflower couscous
  • Dolmas with brown rice, pine nuts and cinnamon
  • Soups, general principles.

Module 4 – Main courses

  • VegBurger with red beans (cooked or sprouted)
  • Baked Falafel (with sprouted chickpeas)
  • Spring rolls wrapped in cabbage leaves with Satay Sauce
  • Eggplant little towers with spinach, tomatoes and cashew cream
  • Vegetable dishes, general principles.

Third day

Module 5 – Desserts

  • Baked cakes: banana and oatmeal muffins  … even with chocolate chips!
  • Raw cake: cashew, coconut and lime cheesecake
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Quick cookies (3 in 1): raw truffles, dehydrated cookies (raw), baked cookies.
  • Raw chocolate cake: cocoa and avocado ganache on a bed of dried fruit and nuts.

Module 6 – Completion

  • Techniques to speed up every day’s cooking process
  • Q&A.