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Painting Course

Painting Course

Bruno Marcelloni

Active in the field of Visual Arts since 1965, Bruno Marcelloni has held both personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad and has received a number of first prizes in national competitions. Starting in 1969 he first taught painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia and then Theory of Perception and Psychology of Form.

After graduating in Psychology, he specialised in Rogerian Therapy and has conducted Art Therapy groups for many years.


PAINTING Course , Live drawing


  • Short introduction of perception principles theory (Arneiim)
  • Fondamentals schemes to determine forms and volumes
  • How an object or a figure arise on background and classical perspective
  • Sfumato technique with pencils , charcoal , crayons and India ink brushes
  • Composition studies

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DATES in calendar

6-13 october 2019

11-17 may 2020

8-14 june 2020

5-12 july 2020

2-9 august 2020

6-13 september 2020

4-11 october 2020


Minimum 6 participants