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Sculpture courses

Our courses propose two specialities that both reflct two symbologies: The Carrara marble which characterizes the classical style, and the Pink stone of Assisi, peculiar as extracted and carved where what we consider “the place of sou”.

The Pink stone of Assisi represented for centuries the material used to build, and the seraphic city of Assisi is the most shining example.

Made of the pink stone are not only all the buildings of the old city but also and particularly the magnificent Basilica of St. Francis. The Saint’s tomb is totally made with this beautiful material.
To sculpt the Pink stone of Assisi has a strong and deep universal symbology .

“The marble, a material which characterizes classical sculpture , encompasses a symbolic journey which demands to be followed in order to tell a new story of contemporary Art.
The word “marble” originates from a verb used in ancient Greece to describe an action belonging to a subject “marmairO”, meaning “ I shine”. And the story to be told starts from here , from the matter which performs an action, a unique, imperceptible movement which renews itself every day through the hands and the minds of the two Artists Peducci and Savini.”

Valentina Gregori