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Latour Claude
Latour Claude

Latour Claude

Claude Latour (alias Hèléne Douel, born in 1969) lives and works in Bourgogne.
Trained at the University of Paris 1 and in Parisian ateliers, but above all thanks to the Rumanian-born artist Carmen Tapu, he has now been a professor of the plastic arts for 13 years.

Much influenced by the latter, his focus is on the elements that link art and emotion.
He works with the meaning of, the importance of, the complementarity between design and writing, the written word and moulded expression.

For this residency he has chosen to explore the theme of words carried by the wind.

That is, starting with all the texts which have trained him and whose crumbs come together into a single unifying factor. The bird theme is a recurring one in his life and his art: the free bird, the bird that tells you that you are still alive, the bird that builds its nest using odds and ends.

His artwork can be seen on Guidart.

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Prendi al volo la promozione

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