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Hammond Barbara
Hammond Barbara

Hammond Barbara

I have studied art in Australia, Uk and Italy. In art I have two loves. The creation of imaginary sculptural objects using organic materials, transparent papers and fragile fabrics which I paint and form and photograph. The objects are ephemeral so sometimes I also then digitally manipulate parts of these into abstract painterly images.

I also love to construct abstracted portraits. I start with charcoal drawings of real people and develop these into paintings either semi realistically using photographs, or, if I have have only been able to do a quick sketch and have no photo I imagine the rest. I often digitally manipulate and redraw them on my iPad and then repaint.

I don’t start off with wanting my art to have a particular impact but I like it when people pause and look closely at my sculptures or portraits and then connect in their own way to emotions. I like it when people slow down.